We could chat all day long about what we do because we love it, so we thought you'd appreciate hearing what some of our members have to say about us and their own experience of working with SeeJobGroup:

"I've got back my confidence, I feel I can achieve anything I want in jobs and relationships, I now understand health and nutrition, the best I've felt in years"

"You put my life on track, showed me how much I've got to give, I have more confidence, you saved my life, one step away from taking my life 'you fixed me, you done what know one else could do"

"I have a lot more confidence, I did things I never new I could do, I have learnt a lot"

"Keep training those students of life, you're a breath of fresh air in the job finding market."
- Graham Hatter

"You're the oasis in my desert."
- John Gunner

"I was immediately welcomed and given the chance to discuss my hopes and worries. I have greatly valued the work of the job group both in practical terms and also in friendly advice and support during a difficult period in my life, and would heartily recommend other job seekers to make use of this excellent service"
- Jackie Cole

"'the support given to me by the team was like none I've experienced before. They took focus on me as an individual and worked hard to discover what I enjoyed and what I would suit best. I believe their methods will not just get people back into work but I believe they'll alter people's perspective to help ensure longevity in young people's careers. It's a wonderful and encouraging atmosphere and it really helped me to discover more about the employment world and myself."
- Dan Picknell, 23

"SeeJobGroup, ok I thought another organisation just like the others. Weeks before anyone will help you, limited time and going over the basics without showing you how to tailor your cover letters and CVs to fit you.

How wrong I was about SeeJobGroup.

For someone that had lost all confidence and couldn’t see away forward, this was all about to change. Andy and Jane taught me how to sell and look at myself. Think about my abilities and skills to offer a potential employer.  The importance of researching the company and role you are applying for. As Jane and Andy will tell you and it is very true, there is no one CV that fits all jobs, despite what other organisations would lead you to believe.

Personally, I can’t thank Andy and Jane enough for taking those blinkers off and opening my eyes and teaching me new techniques on job searching, how to approach writing cover letters and CV’s to match the roles you want to apply for. With their encouragement all the way, even to the interview and last words before you go and shake hands with you future employer.

I successfully applied and interviewed for a fixed contract vacancy and this has now given me the chance to apply for a permanent role within the company

- Doreen Brownlee, 55

"My first C.V and interview, I thought I wasn't capable of doing, cannot put into words the impact you have made and how much more confident I feel"

"More confidence, understand job searching, better nutrition and lifestyle"

"More confident in myself and in a group, motivated in nutrition and health"

"Given me the confidence and skills to go and get a job without falling apart with worry"

"Realised my self worth and built my confidence on a whole different level"

"You've helped a lot with understanding how to look for work and apply, preparing for new jobs and interviews. Gained confidence in meeting and trusting people"

"I've built my confidence, I now talk to other people, I'm not nervous and scared all the time"

"The work that both Andy and Jane do at SeeJobGroup has been an absolute lifeline for people like myself and they provide the hope and encouragement that is sometimes difficult to find during prolonged search activity. What Andy and Jane provide is not only an incredible one to one support network but a workgroup ethic where likeminded people can improve their job seeking skills, share knowledge and become better prepared for suitable employers. This is an amazing service offering fantastic guidance, long may it continue"
- Aiden Minter, 42

"SeeJobGroup have provided me an excellent, professional service with a personal touch through re-educating and assisting me in how to search for employment, installing confidence in myself that I can obtain 'that dream job' or at least take the steps towards it and finally by working with me to totally re-think how I approach prospective employers and market myself to them as a highly employable individual. I can't thank Andy and Jane enough, their out-side the box thinking and experienced approach has given me an edge now regarding every aspect of applying for work"
- Simon Hampton, 23

"I found SeeJobGroup very useful, Andy and Jane are always prepared to go the extra mile. SeeJobGroup helped myself and many others gain life skills and gain employment, SeeJobGroup use both group workshops and individual appointments to give everyone the best possible chance of success. The group sessions and individual appointments were organized and covered all the relevant skills required to gain employment and allowed everyone to realize their own potential. I would fully recommend SeeJobGroup to anyone who is struggling to gain employment."
- Scott Thrush, 23